Kiev forming

Tray feeding stacking

Face Fish forming

Cylinders waffles etc.

Face Whole muscle steak forming

600 HECM Former

Burger Patty forming 170

Kebab forming grilling automatic

Forming and Catering Equipment Ltd. Suppliers of Food forming machines that can form all types of food mixes in to virtually any shape.

Do you have any plans to produce new shapes or develop and improve existing products?
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We offer 24 hour back up, onsite and free telephone support. We know that down time equals loss of your revenue, this is why we are committed to ensuring a reliable and world class back up service. Our 24 hour spares hotline ensures all parts are processed immediately and dispatched as soon as possible.

Our customers tell us our machines are the most reliable in the industry, built to last, giving excellent value for money together with uninterrupted production and the lowest maintenance costs.

Do you produce mixes made from dairy, butter, cheese, sauces, vegetarian, corn, peas, potato, pumpkin, corn, soya, bean curd, quorn,
Confectionery such as marzipan, truffle, Bakery mixes such as dough, biscuit, cookie, flap jack, chocolate centres,
Meats such as beef, camel, chicken, duck, goat, ostrich, poultry, lamb, turkey, pork, venison, veal, Fish such as salmon, cod, crab, shark, hoki, langoustine, pollock, prawn, etc.

All above mixes can then be produced as, Burger formers, patty formers, chicken nugget formers, Ball formers, meat ball formers, kebab formers, cheese formers, butter formers, vegetarian formers, sauce formers, potato formers, soya formers, bean curd formers, quorn formers, confectionery formers, marzipan formers, truffle formers, Bakery formers mixes such as dough formers, biscuit formers, cookie formers, flap jack formers, Meat formers, beef formers, poultry formers, chicken formers, chicken kiev, turkey formers, duck formers, pork formers, venison formers, veal formers, Fish formers, salmon formers, cod formers, shark formers, Hoki formers, Pollock formers, prawn formers, etc.
Meats can be formed from whole muscle and from minced or bowl chopped or mixed.

All formers can produce shapes such as animal shape, ball shapes, breast fillet shape, burger shapes, character shape, cartoon shape, cylindrical shapes, elliptical shapes, finger shape, fish shape, hand made shape, irregular shape, kebab shapes, kebabs with stick insert, Kiev shapes, with co extrusion, letter shape, nugget shape, number shape, octagonal shape, oval shapes, onion ring shape, patty shape, prawn shape, rectangular shape, round shape, rugby ball shape, square shape, star shape, triangular shape, stick shape, steak shape, 3 dimensional shape, true 3 dimensional shape, waffle shape.