We guarantee the performance of our machines will exceed your expectation.

We have over 25 years experience of leading in Innovative designs of processing, food forming machines, and bespoke customer solutions.

PERFECT SOLUTIONS from Forming and Catering Equipment Ltd.

Our specialty lies in solutions for heavy duty processing lines.

Solutions which include preparation, flaking, mincing, mixing, hoists, bin lifters, food forming machines, kebab forming, Sausage forming, coating lines, pre-dusting, battering machines, breading machines, cooking, ovens, continuous fryers, continuous barbecue grilling machines.

Our experienced team offers you complete design solutions for automating production lines. This can reduce manual handling, wastage, and increase production with higher accuracy, improved hygiene, and increased revenue.

We offer 24 hour back up onsite and free telephone support. We know that down time equals loss of your revenue, this is why we are committed to ensuring a reliable and world class back up service. Our 24 hour spares hotline ensures all parts are processed immediately and dispatched as soon as possible.

Our customers tell us our machines are the most reliable in the industry, built to last, giving excellent value for money together with uninterrupted production and the lowest maintenance costs.

Do you have any plans to produce new shapes or develop and improve existing products? Then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your project.